Paper Plane Album Release

After months of preparation it’s finally out in the wild! Paper Plane’s self titled release is now available as a CD from Bandcamp, and as a digital download from Bandcamp, iTunes, CDBaby and others. Head over to the listen page to check out some samples.

Paper Plane Cover

Paper Plane is an exciting young quartet hailing from Melbourne, Australia. The group features the talents of Kieran Hensey - saxophone, Hugh Stuckey - guitar, Hugh Harvey - drums and Samuel Zerna - double bass. When they first combined in 2011 to create Paper Plane they knew they’d hit upon something special and in late 2012 they recorded their debut release. Comprising eight stunning originals, the music ranges from hauntingly lyrical to boisterous and playful, always delivered with masterful finesse and sincerity.

Upcoming Shows

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Thurs 3rd Mat Jodrell Quartet
Bennett's Lane, 8:30pm

Thurs 10th Mat Jodrell Quartet
Bennett's Lane, 8:30pm

Thurs 17th Mat Jodrell Quartet
Bennett's Lane, 8:30pm

Sun 27th Sam Bates Quartet
Uptown, 8:30pm

Thurs 8th Hannah Cameron
Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

Sat 17th Lena
Marysville Jazz and Blues Festival, 4pm

Sat 24th Hannah Cameron
Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide

Fri 30th Hannah Cameron
Smith's Alternative, Canberra

Sat 31st Hannah Cameron
Hibernian House, Sydney


Thurs 12th Hannah Cameron